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Pricing scheme

Everybody is different. Not just in terms of shape, size or fitness level but our lives as well.
Work and family commitments mean it can be difficult to maintain a gym schedule, that’s why
there are a number of different packages to chose from. If it's just a single session or a full on
3 month programme you need, a range of bespoke packages mean it's easy to choose.

Don’t see something that fits you? Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

One to One - from £45 per session

Group training - from £65 per session

12 week blast - £1530

This package is perfect if you have an event or a set date you're working towards. Maybe you have a wedding, holiday or perhaps you want to kick-start your fitness journey. Whatever the reason, this
package is an investment in you and your health and is designed to get you visible results within 3 months! Based on a careful assessment, we will identify what approach is best for you and work from an individual programme designed around you and your goal. It will challenge you and push you but the new you waiting at the end will be so worth it. What are you waiting for?


Initial assessment and consultation

3x One to One 60min sessions per week for 12 weeks

Nutritional support

Phone and email support for the 12-week plan where needed

Before and after pictures

Tips and advice

Monthly payment plan available - £540 per month based on 3 direct debit instalments

Prices shown are dependent on the number of sessions per week, number of people being trained and based on monthly recurring payments.
Sessions must be used within the month they are bought and are not rolled over to the next month

 Group sessions

Don't want to train alone? Book a group session with friends, special rates available, please contact us for details.

Contact us now to book the package which is right for you...

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